Onion Price In India: Onion prices made people cry, reached 90 rupees in Karnataka, know why prices are increasing

Onion prices are steadily rising.

24th October, 2020

Navratri has come at the end, but onion prices are constantly making people cry. Onion prices have disappeared from people's kitchens due to increased onion prices across the country. Now onion prices have also increased in Karnataka. At the same time, people hope that the end of Navratri will reduce onion prices, but if the facts are to be believed, onion and garlic are often used less in vegetables in people's homes in Navratri, but after the end of Navratri again Onion and garlic will be used in vegetables. In such a situation, onion prices are expected to increase further. In Karnataka, onion prices have reached Rs 80-90 a kg at retail prices. At the same time, it has reached 73 kg in Chennai.

50 kg kg in Delhi and 100 kg onion sold in Mumbai

At the same time, retail price of onion has reached Rs 100 per kg in Maharashtra and Mumbai city of Maharashtra. According to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, the average retail price of onion in the country was Rs 55.60 per kg. At the same time, onion prices are running at Rs 50 per kg in the capital Delhi.

Onion cultivation affected due to heavy rains

Actually, onion is sown in India in three seasons. This includes kharif (summer), kharif (after summer) and rabi (winter). Kharif onion starts arriving in September. At the same time kharif after November and rabi onion starts from April. According to media reports, heavy rains in the southwest monsoon last year and this year have severely affected the onion soil. In this way, the kharif crop (summer) of onion in Karnataka arrives in the markets in September, which has been affected due to heavy rains. At the same time, rains in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Maharashtra have also destroyed onion crops. This is the reason why prices of onion are constantly on the rise.

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Pankaj Prasad