Unlock 5: 0 Extension: Lockdown to continue in Containment Zone till November 30 - Home Ministry

The guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs in view of Corona on 30 September will be applicable till 30 November 2020.

27th October, 2020

Unlock-5 guidelines have been released by the Ministry of Home Affairs in view of the corona epidemic. The order which was implemented by the Home Ministry on 30 September in view of the Corona Guidelines, will now remain in effect till 30 November 2020. It has been told by the Ministry that there will be no restriction on the movement of goods and people in the state or from the state. These works will not require any special permission, approval or e-permit. With this, the lockdown will be strictly enforced in the container zone by 30 November 2020.

The home ministry said in a statement on Tuesday that last month's guidelines, which allowed the reopening of cinema halls, restrictions in swimming pools and gatherings for the training of players would be currently considered until 30 November. The Press Information Bureau said, 'Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) issued its orders dated 30.09.2020 to continue till 30.11.2020'.

Unlocked 5.0 guidelines were announced by the Union Home Ministry on 30 September. Those guidelines came into effect from 1 October, which will now run till 30 November. In these guidelines, permission has been given by the Central Government to open schools and coaching institutes. Online classes will still be conducted by schools and no school can force students to come to school.

The central government was allowed to open educational institutions, but the final decision was left to the state governments. According to the release issued by the government, it was told that the unlocked 5.0 guidelines have been prepared with the consent of the governments of the states and union territories.

According to the order, the governments of the state and union territories were asked to allow the assembly with conditions exceeding 100 people outside the Containment Zone since October 15 with conditions. Apart from this, there will be no restriction on transportation inside and outside the state. Also, there is no need for a person to get permission when he comes somewhere.

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Pankaj Prasad