Train running nonstop from UP to MP to save 3-year-old girl, know the whole matter

For the first time in the history of Indian Railways, an express train was run nonstop to free someone from hijacking.

27th October, 2020

The role of the police in crime control so far comes to the fore, but in Lalitpur the railway played a big role. In Lalitpur, Rapti Sagar Express ran non-stop 260 km to rescue a girl child from the kidnapper. Meanwhile, in the next railway station, Bhopal, the police force was ready and the girl was rescued from the kidnapper.

For the first time in the history of Indian Railways, an express train was run nonstop to free someone from hijacking. The Rapti Sagar Express train was not stopped at its scheduled stop. The train was stopped at the station 260 km later, when the security forces made full preparations to save the girl.

The CCTV camera of Lalitpur station showed Kidnapper riding in the Rapti Sagar train with the girl on Sunday. After seeing this, the RPF immediately informed the Inspector of Jhansi, who suggested to run the train nonstop till Bhopal. Meanwhile, the soldiers on duty in the train were also instructed to keep an eye on him. Asha Rackwar, a resident of Azadpura in Lalitpur, went to the Lalitpur GRP police station at 6:30 pm on Sunday evening and informed that her three-year-old girl Kavya was playing outside the house at 11 am. Then suddenly disappeared while playing. Asha Rackwar told that she is living in Azadpura, Lalitpur, Maharashtra. Her husband works in Gwalior.

After this, the RPF posted there saw the footage of the CCTV camera installed at the station, and in it, a young man Kavya was seen climbing in the Rapti Sagar Express train going towards Bhopal. Information on this matter was given to the control room of Bhopal station from Jhansi. Meanwhile, requested to stop the train from Bhopal before. It was believed that if the train stopped, Kidnapper would run away with the baby. On this, the railway ran the train nonstop between Lalitpur to Bhopal. As the train stopped at the Bhopal station, the security forces caught the Kidnapper. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal praised this entire incident. He said that the monitoring being extended in the railways is bringing pleasant results.

The kidnapper caught like this

After getting the information of the case, the Inspector of RPF in Jhansi reported the entire matter to the Operating Control Bhopal. He requested not to stop Raptisagar Express at any station between Lalitpur to Bhopal. Subsequently, on the request of RPF sub-inspector, Operating Control Bhopal ran Raptisagar non-stop from Lalitpur to Bhopal. The train was run nonstop so that the kidnapper could not run away from the child at a middle station. The train was eagerly waiting to catch the kidnapper at Bhopal railway station. As soon as the train reached Bhopal railway station, the officers of RPF and GRP present on the spot found the kidnapper from a bogie of the train. The innocent girl was kidnapped and kidnapped with the activeness and understanding of RPF Sub Inspector Ravindra Singh Rajawat.

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Reported by:
Pankaj Prasad