Australian captain said, people talk a lot about Virat Kohli, I consider him a common player

There is a wonderful thing with Virat that we like to hate him but also like watching him bat in terms of a cricket fan.

15th November, 2020

With the arrival of the Indian cricket team on the tour of Australia, statements have started coming from the opposing team. Test captain Tim Paine of Australia has spoken about Indian captain Virat Kohli. He said that he knows Kohli simply as a player. Like the rest of the world's cricketers, Kohli is also one of them.

The captain of Australia said that he and Kohli meet only during the toss. There is not much talk on the field. He said, "I get asked a lot of questions about Virat Kohli, he is the same to me as the rest of the players are, I really don't care about it. I honestly don't have any relationship with him." Is. I meet him at the time of the toss and play against him on the field, there is nothing more than that. "

The entire world of Indian captain's batting is considered iron. The captain of Australia also praised Kohli but at the same time said that he does not like scoring runs. Penn said, "It's a wonderful thing with Virat that we like to hate him but also like to see him batting in terms of a cricket fan. It's also strange that we bat him Huh likes to watch but doesn't want to see him scoring more runs. "

He further said, "There is a hate competition between India and Australia and they are really a competitive person and I am like that too. There have been many occasions when things have happened between us but not because He was the captain or I was captaining the team, it can happen to anyone. "

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Pankaj Prasad