In this market of Jharkhand, Chhath Vrati gets things at half the cost, from business-toedar to lawyer-teacher help

Committee to MLA Policemen businessmen, social workers, ordinary people and rich people are donated.

17th November, 2020

Some youth in Hazaribagh district of Jharkhand made a unique start six years ago. On Chhat Mahaparva, he collected donations from people and collected some money and from this he bought fruits and other worship materials. Thereafter developed a market. In this market, Chhath Vrati provided pooja material to women and men at half price.

This trend went on and in the sixth year of this initiative, now 30 to 40 permanent and 120 people have been temporarily attached to the committee. It includes half the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) volunteers, teachers and other sections of the society. This year the committee has donated Rs 50 lakhs. Chhath Vratis will be made available by purchasing fruits and other worship material from it. The special thing of this market is that after the sale of goods between the Chhath Vratis, the remaining amount of the donation is returned to the donor.

The committee is donated from MLAs, thanedars, businessmen to social workers, ordinary people and affluent people. The amount of donations range from Rs 251 to one lakh. When this unique initiative was started, Rs 1.80 lakh was donated. This was followed by donations of four lakh in 2015, 9 lakh in 2016, 13 lakh in 2017, Rs 19.5 lakh in 2018. 30 lakhs in 2019 and this year it has reached Rs 35 lakhs. This in itself is a unique community market system, which attracts people.

Worker is not used anywhere, workers do all the work themselves

This committee, set up by the inspiration of the RSS, does not use a single worker in the entire event. All the people associated with the committee do it themselves and a list of people for car service is prepared. Those who serve in the car range from lawyers, colleges, schools, doctors, journalists to academicians and 80 years old.

Get rid of inflation

The chairman of the committee, 72-year old Teklal Saw, head of the district route of the RSS, said that the aim of the committee is to control the market and give maximum benefit to the Chhatris. This committee has fully stood in it. Inspired by the works of the committee, today the work of providing fruits to Chhath Vratis has started in other three places of the city. Saw said that due to the control of the market, the poor and helpless people also get fruits easily.

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Reported by:
Pankaj Prasad