Sonia went to Goa to stay with Rahul Gandhi due to problems with polluted air

Party sources had told that Sonia Gandhi could shift to Goa or Chennai for a few days.

21st November, 2020

Congress president Sonia Gandhi will be out of Delhi for a few days, troubled by the breathlessness caused by the stifling atmosphere of the capital. Sonia, who is facing the challenge of asthma, has been advised by doctors to distance herself from the polluted weather of the capital for a few days. On the advice of doctors, the Congress President went to Goa on Friday. Rahul Gandhi has gone together.

There was speculation about Chennai and Goa. The final decision was about Goa. The weather of these two places is normal at this time and even a cold like Delhi is not here. Sonia Gandhi's health challenge and the migration out of Delhi will prolong the party's current crisis amid an internal ruckus triggered by the Congress debacle in Bihar. There is now little scope for a hearing in the last ten days on the demand of some senior leaders to call a meeting of the Congress Working Committee to review the defeat. As such, Sonia Gandhi's political activism is limited due to health challenges.

She appeared outside for a few minutes to pay homage to Thursday on the occasion of Indira Gandhi's birth anniversary. His health challenges have increased since last July when he was admitted to Gangaram Hospital for a few days. After this, after a letter dispute in the Congress, Sonia went to the US to conduct an annual checkup of her health with Rahul in the second week of September, after making some changes in the organization and both were unable to attend the monsoon session for the same reason.

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Reported by:
Pankaj Prasad