Sana Khan Wedding: Bigg Boss 6 contestant Sana Khan marries Mufti Anas, watch video

Sana Khan got married to Mufti Anas on Friday night.

21st November, 2020

Film actress Sana Khan, who was seen in Bigg Boss 6, recently talked about leaving the film industry. Now she has married Mufti Anas on Friday night. Many videos related to her wedding are going viral on social media. In this, she can be seen with her husband. Her husband is also seen in traditional costumes.

In one photo, both can be seen hand in hand. In the second video, both are cutting the wedding cake. It includes other family members. Looking at the photo and the video, it seems that it was a family event. Sana Khan was its first choreographer. Melvin was in news about his breakup with Louis. He accused Melvin Louis of violating and cheating several times.

Sana had also made public her sorrow and pain and had also posted several WhatsApp messages on social media as evidence. However, she has now got married. Last month Sana Khan talked about leaving the film industry to serve humanity. He had said, 'My happiest moment, may Allah help me in this journey, all of you keep me involved in dua'. Sana Khan has been a Bollywood actress and she was popular for her glamorous style. She also made bold scenes in many films. Which were also well liked.

Sana Khan also shared a series of questions to which she was looking for answers. A part of his note wrote, 'Is it a part of his / her duty to spend his life in service to the needy and helpless people? Why should a person not think that he can die at any moment? And what will happen to him / her after that? I kept searching for answers to both these questions for a long time, especially the second question, what will happen to me after my death? '

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