Aware of the corona, the PM said - May that poetry not be accurate ... Kashmiri drowned where the water was low

Prime Minister Modi clearly said that India is in better condition than other countries in the case of Covid-19.

24th November, 2020

Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a virtual meeting with the Chief Minister of eight states on Tuesday and discussed the situation arising out of the Kovid-19 transition. Referring to the data on health and death due to Kovid-19 infection, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the need to reduce the rate of new cases of infections. He said that there is a need to reduce the positivity rate by five percent and increase the RT-PCR test.

PM has come out from the deep sea of ​​disaster: PM Modi

The Prime Minister referred to the ongoing war from Kovid-19 and said, 'We have come out of the deep sea of ​​disaster. The world believed that India would not survive the epidemic, but we are moving out of the deep sea of ​​disaster towards the shore. May the old shayari with us not be so accurate that our kayak also drowned where there was less water. We do not have to let this situation come. In countries where corona was decreasing, infection is spreading rapidly. This is the trend in many states of our country, so we have to be more aware than before.

Death rate less than 1 percent: PM Modi

He said, 'There is a lot of better management in the country for Kovid-19. Further strategies in this sequence need to reduce the positivity rate and death rate. There is a need to work on reducing the rate of new cases falling below 5 percent and death rate below 1 percent. Prime Minister Narendra Modi today held a virtual meeting with the Chief Ministers regarding the COVID-19 situation. Union Home Minister Amit Shah also attended the meeting.

Formation of team at block level for distribution of vaccine

He further said, 'I want the team to be formed at the block level which works for training and distribution of vaccine. Scientists will determine the price, dosage and arrival date of the vaccine. However, two vaccines related to India are leading in the race. We are also working with global firms. Even after the medicine is present for many years, it has adverse effects on people, so scientists will take a decision in this regard.

A huge network of testing to treatment in the country

The Prime Minister said, "Today, India is in a much better position than other countries in terms of mortality and the rate of infection. With the untiring efforts of all of us, a large network of testing and treatment is working in the country. Emphasis is also being laid on providing oxygen and ventilators by PM CARES Fund. Prime Minister Modi expressed concern over the politics being done in the country regarding the vaccine being developed for the pandemic Kovid-19 and said that they cannot stop it.

Provision of cold storage in states for vaccine: PM

The Prime Minister said, "States will have to provide cold storage facilities for the Kovid-19 vaccine." He said, 'There is a need to constitute a task force at the district level for vaccine.' The Prime Minister further said, 'As far as the distribution of the vaccine is concerned, its preparation will be done with all the states. The decision on who will be vaccinated on the basis of priority will also have to be taken with the states. States should start working on it. Additional supply will also be worked out.

India's condition is better than other countries

Prime Minister Modi said, 'Politics is happening in the country regarding vaccine. I can't stop politics. ' He further said, "India is in better condition today than other countries due to joint efforts". The Prime Minister said, 'The experience that India has with regard to the vaccine is not available to the big countries of the world. For us, speed is as important as it is essential, safety is also there. Whatever vaccine India gives to its citizens will meet every scientific criterion. ' The Prime Minister said that the focus is being laid on manufacturing and providing oxygen and ventilators in the country.

Providing vaccine to everyone is our priority

The Prime Minister said, 'Now people in the country are hiding their disease. The Center and the States must work together. Corona may grow again in India. Scientists will decide when the vaccine will come and how many doses it will have. He said, 'It has been our priority to save one life each from the very beginning in the fight against Corona. Our priority now would be to have the vaccine available to everyone. India's campaign involving the corona vaccine is a national commitment for every citizen. '

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Pankaj Prasad