Police recovered more than 1.5 million banned gutkha coming from Delhi, know how it was recovered

In this regard, Deoghar SP Ashwini Kumar Sinha told reporters that the police had received secret information that a banned gutkha was coming from Delhi to Madhupur after filling it in a truck

24th November, 2020

Police busted a large gang of gutka business in Jharkhand and recovered more than 8 lakhs worth of gutka in the wholesale market. Whereas the seizure of seized gutkha and betel spices of 3,07,008 (3 lakh 7 thousand 8) budis is being given at the retail rate of Rs 5 per market price of Rs 15 lakh 35 thousand 40. Along with this, trucks, pick-up vans, cars and bikes have also been seized. The police has arrested 5 people in the case.

In this regard, Deoghar SP Ashwini Kumar Sinha told reporters that the police had received secret information that a banned gutkha was coming from Delhi to Madhupur after filling it in a truck. The police was waiting. Meanwhile, there was sudden information that Gutkha businessman Chandsi Prasad Das alias Chandsi Gupta, resident of Neematalla Road in Madhupur city, along with his son Sanju Gupta and Sourav Gupta, along with other associates, robbed the truck driver and Khalasi from Madiapur's Pasia along with the truck. Is taking it from fixed to somewhere. Gutkha businessman Govinda Modi, a resident of Panchmandir Road, who got gutkha from Delhi, also came to know about it. As soon as the information was received, Govinda along with his relative went to Pasiya Joria by car and tried to stop him. In this sequence, Chandasi Gupta and his partner Jitendra Yadav, along with their other criminals, attacked Govind Modi's car with the intention of attacking him with a pickup van (JH 15Y 9224). The car overturned and Govinda Modi fell into a pit. After this Chandsi Gupta along with his colleagues took the gutkha laden truck along with the driver and took it to Pathrol.

SP Shri Sinha said that the police team led by Inspector Incharge Manoj Kumar Mallik of Madhupur police station reached Patrol after searching the truck. Police seized 25 Bora gutkha and truck from near the mosque in Pathrol Kali Mandir Road. A Baik (JH 15W 2846) was also seized from there. Also, the kidnapped truck driver Dharmendra Paswan, resident of Azamgarh in UP and Khalasi Mahesh Bhatt, resident of Kanchanpur, Nepal, were also recovered safely.

He said that during the investigation of the police, it has been found that the pick-up van in the car was Jitendra Yadav, a resident of Bilaria, above the Pathrol police station area. After this, the police reached Hatbilariya and raided, but Jitendra Yadav escaped. Police seized a 3-bora banned gutkha with the said pick-up van in front of his house. Along with this, a sacked gutkha, 165 packets of khaini and 10 kg of uncovered khaini and a few were recovered from the house of Madan Raut, next to Jitendra's house. Madan Raut was also arrested from the spot.

SP Shri Sinha said that it was also reported that 11 Bora gutkha from another pickup van (JH 15X 5112) has been taken towards the owner of the vehicle Sarfaraz Ansari towards Udaipura. On this information, the police raided Udaipura and recovered 10 Bora gutkha from a field, but the pickup van could not be recovered. In this way, out of 40 sacks stolen, 39 sacks of gutka were seized. Also, a truck (NL 01AA 1517), pickup van (JH 15Y 9224), bike (JH 15W 2846) and crashed car (WB 38AJ 6908) were seized and brought to the police station. The estimated price of seized gutkha in the wholesale market is said to be more than 8 lakhs.

2 different cases occurred

The Superintendent of Police said that two separate cases have been registered by the police regarding the incident. In case number 205/20, Chandsi Gupta, Jitendra Yadav, Madan Raut, the owner of both pickup vans and the owner of Baik, Baik, have been named accused on charges of murderous attack, kidnapping of driver and Khalasi and gutkha robbery. Chandasi and Madan Raut have been arrested in the case, while the other accused are absconding. At the same time, in the case number 206, the driver and deputy driver of the truck, including Govinda Modi, have been accused for the business of banned gutkha. All the three accused have been arrested in this case.

However, according to the figures, each Bora gutkha has two cartoons. Whereas each cartoon has 123 packets and one packet has 32 pudiya pan pan masala. The number of pan spices seized in this way is 3,07,008 (3 lakh 7 thousand 8). At the retail rate of Rs 5 per pudia, the market price is being given as Rs 15 lakh 35 thousand 40.

The raiding team included SI Santan Kumar Yadav, ASI Shaukat Khan, Prabhat Kumar, Ashish Kumar, Santosh Kumar, Mo Faisal and Rajiv Murmu in addition to Inspector Incharge. At the same time, apart from SP Mr. Sinha, Madhupur SDPO BN Singh, trainee IPAS Kapil Chaudhary, Madhupur Inspector Incharge Manoj Kumar Mallik, etc. were present in the press conference at Madhupur police station.

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Reported by:
Rachna Kumari