Coronavirus Updates: Home Ministry issued new guidelines for control of corona, will be implemented from December 1

Under the new guidelines, only necessary activities are allowed in the Containment Zone.

25th November, 2020

In case of coronavirus cases rising rapidly in some states of the country, the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued new guidelines for monitoring, control and caution related to Kovid-19. The new home ministry guidelines will be effective from December 1 to December 31. Under the new order, states and union territories will be mandated to take stringent measures to prevent Koreana infection, issue SOPs on various activities and control congestion. Under the new guidelines, only necessary activities are allowed in the Containment Zone. Local district, police and municipal officials will be responsible for ensuring that the prescribed containment measures are strictly followed. During this time, the State and Union Territory Governments will ensure the accountability of the officials concerned.

States can enforce local restrictions like night curfew

The main focus of the new orders is to strengthen the control over the infection of Koreana. Due to the recent increase in cases in some states and union territories, it is emphasized that caution is needed. The home ministry said that based on its assessment of the status of Covid-19, states, UTs can only impose local restrictions such as night curfews in prohibited areas.

Permission has to be taken from the center to implement local lockdown

The Home Ministry said in its order that the states, UTs governments must seek permission from the Center before any local lockdown can be imposed outside the prohibited areas. States and union territories also need to implement physical distance in offices. In cities where the weekly positive rate is more than 10 percent, the respective states and union territories will consider implementing office hours and other measures to follow physical distance.

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Reported by:
Pankaj Prasad