HIGHLIGHTS Vidhan Sabha Speaker Election: Vijay Sinha elected speaker, 126 votes in favor, 114 in opposition

Amid heavy uproar in the House, Protem speaker Jeetan Ram Manjhi announced Vijay Kumar Sinha's victory.

25th November, 2020

Election of the Speaker's post has been held today after a long time in the parliamentary history of Bihar. Protem speaker Jeetan Ram Manjhi announced Vijay Kumar Sinha to be elected as the Speaker of the Bihar Legislative Assembly. NDA candidate Vijay Kumar Sinha has been elected the new Speaker of the Bihar Legislative Assembly. On Wednesday, Protem Speaker Jeetan Ram Manjhi split the vote by standing for the Opposition and Opposition MLAs amidst the uproar and noise. In the 243-member assembly, 126 MLAs stood in favor of NDA candidate Vijay Sinha and supported him. 114 MLAs stood in support of Mahagathbandhan candidate Awadh Bihari Chaudhary. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav took the new president to the post and assumed office after pro tem speaker Jeetan Ram Manjhi announced Vijay Sinha to be elected president.

The election process was first completed by voice vote:

Assembly proceedings started at 11 am on Wednesday. After the swearing in of four members, the election process for the post of Assembly Speaker started. Voice voting was first held, but the opposition stuck to secret ballot. Protem Speaker Manjhi made it clear that there is no provision for secret voting in the Constitution. Manjhi, however, required the approval to hold elections by division of votes.

Ruckus over not being a member of the house

Members were left outside the house by ringing the bell before the elections began. As soon as the election process began, Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav questioned the presence of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, ministers Ashok Chaudhary and Mukesh Sahni. As the commotion escalated, the Protem Speaker had to postpone the proceedings for five minutes. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is not a member of the Legislative Council, not the Legislative Assembly, while Chaudhary and Sahni are neither members of the Legislative Assembly nor the Legislative Council.

Vote decided by division

The house resumed after five minutes. The Protem Speaker deemed the members of the commotion to be quenched and sent back to their place and the division of votes triggered the election process. First the MLAs of the ruling party stood in their place followed by the opposition. The members of both the benches were counted in turn and the Protem Speaker declared NDA candidate Vijay Kumar Sinha victorious.

Opposition congratulates the new president:

On becoming the President of Vijay Kumar Sinha, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, Deputy Chief Minister Tarkishore Prasad, Renu Devi, Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Vijay Chaudhary, Congress Legislature Party Leader Ajit Sharma, We Chief Jitan Ram Manjhi, Minister Mukesh Sahni congratulated.

HIGHLIGHTS Vidhan Sabha Speaker Chunav:

01: 11 pm - Congress Legislature Party leader Ajit Sharma congratulated speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha with his address in the House. Mehboob Alam from the Left party congratulated Vijay Sinha on being elected president and stated his expectations. VIP President and Minister Mukesh Sahni, while thanking, targeted Lalu Yadav. He should not have called from jail. The constitution and rules should be taken care of We also congratulated the chief Jitan Ram Manjhi. Akhtarul Iman of MAMM congratulated. Raj Kishore Singh of LJP congratulated.

12: 59 pm - Tejashwi Yadav's address begins, Tejashwi said that this is a very responsible post. Many many congratulations. We have won from Vaishali, the mother of democracy in the world. I request everyone to protect the Constitution. Whatever you hide the truth comes out from time to time. Can not support lies and untruths. On behalf of the opposition and on behalf of its Legislative Assembly constituency Raghopur, congratulated and congratulated Speaker Vijay Sinha.

12: 44 pm - Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's address begins in the house. Congratulated the newly appointed president

Deputy Chief Minister Tarkishore Prasad congratulated Vijay Sinha for being elected president. After this, Deputy CM Renu Devi also congratulated the new speaker. Former Speaker Vijay Kumar Chaudhary congratulated and said that I want to assure that the Speaker will give a meaningful debate on whatever public interest issues are raised.

12: 44 pm - Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha thanked everyone.

12: 32 pm - Protem speaker Jeetan Ram Manjhi announces completion of election process. Counting of votes has been completed. The members were requested to sit on the pedestal. Where is voting done? Said - 126 votes in favor of Yes and 114 in favor of No. The majority is in favor of Yes. Shri Vijay Kumar Sinha was elected Speaker of Bihar Legislative Assembly. He urged CM Nitish Kumar and Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav to take up the posture to Speaker.

12: 32 pm - CM Nitish Kumar exits the House after opposition and sloganeering. Now the process of election of the President has started again. The Protem Speaker is dividing the vote. Protem speakers are saying that they will narrate as soon as the results come. The opposition is still demanding secret voting.

12: 26 pm - On the opposition's persistent demand to oust CM Nitish Kumar from the House, the Protem Speaker said that this is the House, when Rabri Devi was the Chief Minister, Lalu Prasad Yadav was present in the House even though MP.

12: 24 pm - Protem speaker Jeetan Ram Manjhi gets counted again for the election of the Speaker. Those who are standing are being counted. The members of the opposition who are sitting are also being counted. Explain that if there is no decision by voice vote, the members are standing and voting in favor.

12: 21 pm - Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav again raised questions on CM's presence as soon as the house resumed. But the Protem Speaker said that Nitish Kumar is the Leader of the House. They should be present. After the speaker is elected, he will take the chair to the chair.

12: 16 pm - Protem speakers sit in their chairs. The proceedings of the House will be started shortly.

12: 08 pm - Process of election for speaker post is over. Protem speaker Jeetan Ram Manjhi will announce the result shortly after the house resumes.

12: 02 pm - Protests are shouting slogans, surrounded the speaker's posture. Jitan Ram Manjhi adjourned the house for five minutes to calm the members.

11: 59 pm - The process of division of votes in the assembly now begins. The Protem Speaker said that members of the second House would not vote. Stung on the opposition secret voting, Tejashwi told the Protem Speaker Manjhi - this government is made with a thief door. NDA members have stood in their seats for division of votes, but the opposition is still uproar. The pro tem speaker said that if the opposition has sufficient number of members, then stand up and join the division process and discharge the tradition. He urged the members of the opposition standing in the assembly to go to their seats and let the elections be held in peace.

11: 54 pm - Tejashwi stands before the Protem Speaker alleging mandate theft. Opposition slogans - Get out of the House - Get out of the House. Law expert Subhash Kashyap dismissed the opposition's opposition. Said that it is not non-constitutional for the Chief Minister and other ministers to remain during the election of the Speaker. It is up to the discretion of the Protem Speaker whether or not he gives permission!

11:51 am - Vijay Chaudhary said - When it comes to voting and Asan says that the members should stand and complete the process of division then those who are not members of this House are not standing. Hence the opposition's opposition to the presence of other ministers, including Nitish Kumar, has no meaning.

11: 49 pm - There are constant slogans to expel the Chief Minister from the House. The vote is being divided in the assembly for the election of the speaker. The Protem Speaker arranged that only those who have taken the oath of membership of the House will be able to participate in the process.

11: 45 pm - Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav objected to the presence of CM Nitish Kumar, Building Construction Minister Ashok Chaudhary in the House. On this, the pro tem speaker said that those who are members of the house will join the voting. Nitish Kumar can remain in the house as the chief minister and will not participate in the vote. After this, the leader of the opposition is coming to Vail and performing

11: 44 pm - Opposition adamant on secret ballot. But Protem speaker Jeetan Ram Manjhi said that there is no provision for secret ballot

11: 43 pm - Voice voting started. But after opposition's objection, Protem speaker Jeetan Ram Manjhi said that those who are in favor should stand up.

11:39 pm - The state president of AIMIM said in the House just before Speaker's election that the practice of creating a consensus for the position of speaker should be upheld.

Let us know that till late night (24 November) the meeting was chaired by the Grand Alliance Democratic Front convenor and former Union Minister Devendra Prasad Yadav. However, everyone acknowledged that the post of Speaker of the Assembly is dignified. There should be no politics about it. But no conclusion could be reached. Finally, the legislators of AIMIM have handed over the decision making authority to Asaduddin Owaisi.

Explain that the fight was made interesting by making Awadh Bihari Chaudhary a candidate from the Grand Alliance, compared to Vijay Sinha of the ruling party. Speaker's election is a game of majority in the House. A coalition that has more MLAs will win. Accordingly, the victory of NDA candidate Vijay Sinha was sure. The NDA has 127 MLAs including LJP and Independents, while the Mahagathbandhan has only 110 MLAs. Owaisi's party has not yet cleared its stand. In this case, the distance between the two alliances is large. Yet this election, which is going to be held after 51 years, became interesting.

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Pankaj Prasad