IND vs AUS: Sanjay Manjrekar, who was murdered by Ravindra Jadeja, know why he said- Jaddu could only do this impossible task

Steven Smith scored 131 runs in the third Test against India. When Ravindra Jadeja was run out by Smith, Sanjay Manjrekar praised him a lot. Cricket lovers know that Manjrekar and Ravindra Jadeja have clashed on Twitter many times, not before.

8th January, 2021

Ravindra Jadeja, who is performing brilliantly in Australia, has made his big critics his own admirers. The name of Sanjay Manjrekar (Sanjay Manjrekar) has also been added to his newly formed fans. Only then did Jadeja run out of Steven Smith when Manjrekar started to build his praises. Those who know and understand Indian cricket closely know that Manjrekar and Ravindra Jadeja have clashed on Twitter many times.

The third Test match is being played between India and Australia in Sydney. Australia scored 338 runs in the first innings of the match. Australia's score could have been higher but Ravindra Jadeja's accurate throw did not allow this to happen. Jadeja runs out for Steve Smith, who scored a century for Australia. Smith was the last Australian batsman to be out. Smith scored 131 runs.

Sanjay Manjrekar tweeted when Steve Smith was run out, 'Only a fielder like Ravindra Jadeja could make this job impossible. It is not just a matter of accuracy. The speed with which Jadeja threw it became a major reason for being run out. Awesome!
The debate between Sanjay Manjrekar and Ravindra Jadeja has been seen many times on Twitter. But the most discussed debate among them was during the world in 2019. Then Manjrekar had said that he would have preferred to include a specialist player in the playing XI instead of a working all-rounder like Jadeja. Jadeja was enraged at this. He had tweeted that he had played more international matches than Sanjay Manjrekar, so this former player should not comment on him.

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Khushbu Kumari Jha