Scholarship Scam in Jharkhand: 19,500 applications for minority scholarship this time, but so many applications were found fake

This year the scholarship will be given only to those students, who will be verified physically.

8th January, 2021

During the year 2020-21, there was a large-scale scam in the name of distribution of pre matric scholarship to minority students. This year, 19,500 students have applied for this scholarship in various schools,

Whereas last year (2019-20) only 13,506 students had applied in the district. About 13,100 also got scholarships. When the scam surfaced, the administration investigated it. During preliminary investigation itself it has been confirmed that more than 80 percent of these beneficiaries were fake. He was paid around Rs 10 crore. This year the conspirators were trying to break the record of last year's scam for minority scholarship.

Matching with Udaiyas

Schools which were involved in the scam last year, applications have been given in their names this year as well. Now before physical verification, they are being matched with Udaiyas, in which preliminary evidence has been found to attempt to execute a big scam this year. If sources are to be believed, up to 90 percent of the applications received this year may be fake. However, official confirmation of this will be done only after physical verification of these applications.

Over 90 thousand applications for SAC, ST, OBC scholarships:

For the year 2020-21, more than 90 thousand applications have been received for pre-matric scholarship for SC, ST and OBC students, whereas last year only 17,000 students from the district were given this scholarship. However, no scam has been confirmed yet in this category of scholarship.

But physical verification of these students is also being done. Most applications have come from Govindpur Block. 14,828 applications have come from here. The least number of applications have come from Egyarkund. 7,200 students have applied from here.

Hostel amount not paid:

This year the scholarship will be given only to those students, who will be verified physically. With this, hostel allowance will not be given by the government to students staying in hostels this year. Earlier, Rs 5000 was paid on this item. All schools are closed this time due to Kovid-19. Therefore, all such beneficiaries will be given only Day Scholar Allowance. They will be given this amount for 10 months only.

Application has been verified positively, only after this scholarship will be received

This time there was a plan of massive disturbances

More than 70 thousand applications for SC, ST and OBC from all blocks of the district during 2020-21

How many applications from which block


Agyarkund 2687 767 3746

Kaliyasol 1165 1539 5558

Nirsa 1906 1231 4400

Jharia 3532 295 6708

East Tundi 430 1856 2103


Tundi 691 1571 1872

Govindpur 2017 1970 10937

Dhanbad 4728 3555 8567

Balliapur 996 1230 4546

Topanchi 1547 856 8225

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Reported by:
Khushbu Kumari Jha