High alert on bird flu in Jharkhand, 1977 sample sent for investigation; Calcutta, Jamshedpur killed by 4 deaths

Bird Flu: Government of Jharkhand has issued a mobile number- 9835152390 to give information about sick or dead birds. Dr. Alok Kumar Singh has been made the nodal officer.

8th January, 2021

Bird flu cases are continuously being reported in many states of the country. In view of this, high alert has also been done in Jharkhand (Jharkhand). The government has sent a 1977 sample of birds and chickens from all over the state as a precaution and sent them to Kolkata for investigation.

Animal Husbandry Director Nancy Sahay said that not a single bird flu case has come to light in Jharkhand. However, in view of the situation in other states, the government is being cautious. 1977 samples have been sent to RDDL Lab Kolkata for examination. Samples have been taken randomly.

According to the information, 30 swag samples of 5 birds owl, peacock, parrot, eagle and eagle have been collected from Birsa Zoo in Ranchi. Actually, after the death of 4 crows in Jamshedpur zoo, random samples were started.

Birsa Zoo director YK Das said that in view of the possibility of bird flu, birds are being given a boiled mutton and chick instead of chick in food. There is a ban on moving goods from one fleet to another.

Directorate of Animal Husbandry issued instructions

Meanwhile, mobile number- 9835152390 has been issued to give information about sick or dead birds. Dr. Alok Kumar Singh has been made the nodal officer for bird flu.

According to doctors, the symptoms of bird flu in chickens can be crested, crested balmy and feet turn blue, watery nose, thin diarrhea, difficulty in breathing and stuttering. On seeing the dead birds, do not touch it nor go near it. Inform the animal husbandry department.

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Reported by:
Khushbu Kumari Jha