US-based Triton Electric manufacturer is set to join the line of electric vehicles in the country. Triton Vehicle said on Monday i.e. today that it will introduce the N4 sedan in India with a price of Rs 35 lakh. Let us know, this electric sedan manufactured in the US will be available for sale in four different variants and limited edition with high performance.

However, only 100 units of the Limited Edition will be produced as N4-GT. At the same time, its N4 model will be offered with 75Kwh and 100Kwh battery options. Which will be able to give a range of up to 523 km and 696 km respectively. Triton Electric Vehicle founder and CEO Himanshu B Patel said that "the base model of the N4 will be priced at Rs 35 lakh. Which will be priced to attract customers in India. Which is designed by the company to cater to the needs of the Indian market." has been done."

The company further noted that "it has started pre-launch booking of the model for Indian customers on its website. Our objective is to contribute towards ensuring a society ready for the future with environmentally friendly clean energy practices." Describing India as one of the top three markets, the company stated that "it has a strong plan of expansion in the country. We are currently looking for active partners to join our journey to capitalize on the most lucrative EV market." Ready for. "

"At the moment we are ready to set up local dealerships with customers willing to enter Triton EV Retail with service and support." For information, Triton Electric Vehicle is a new subsidiary of Cherry Hill New Jersey based Triton Solar, a leader in solar panel and battery engineering.