For those who are interested in religion and spirituality along with serving the country, appointment as a religion teacher in the army can be a great career option. Yes, the Indian Army periodically recruits religious teachers in its various regiments and units established in religious institutions for carrying out religious work, lecturing religious books and fulfilling various religious traditions in army personnel. . Apart from this, the army would have to perform cremation as a religious teacher, pray for the health benefits of the sick in hospitals, meet the soldiers and punish the soldiers and give religious messages to the military officers, soldiers' children and other family members. Huh.

Educational Qualification for Religion Teacher

Dharma teacher is recruited by the Indian Army as Pandit (Gorkha), Granthi, Maulvi (Sunni) for the Gorkha Regiment, Maulvi (Shia) for Ladakh Scouts, Boudha Mank (Mahayana) for Ladakh Scouts. is. The eligibility criteria has been set by the army for all these. Let us know all these in turn.

Qualification of Pandit (Gorkha) for Pandit and Gorkha Regiment: As a Pandit, candidates for Dharma teacher should have passed Bachelor's degree from a recognized university. Apart from this, the candidates should be related to Hinduism and should be Acharya in Sanskrit or should have done one year diploma in Sanskrit as well as Acharya as well as Karma-Kand. The age limit for these posts should not be less than 25 years and not more than 34 years in the year of recruitment.

Eligibility for Religious Teacher as Granthi: Graduate candidates in any discipline related to Sikhism can become Religion Teacher in the Army as Granthi. Along with this, candidates should be knowledgeable in Punjabi. The age limit for these posts is also 25 to 34 years.

Qualification for Maulvi (Sunni), Maulvi (Shia) for Ladakh Scouts: The same type of Muslim graduate candidates can make Maulvi (Sunni) in the army and Maulvi (Shia) for Ladakh Scouts. Also, these candidates should have Maulvi Aalim in Arabic or Adib Aalim in Urdu. The age limit for these posts is also 25 to 34 years.

Religion teacher qualification as a pastor: Candidates passing the Bachelor of Christianity are eligible to apply. Also, Priesthood should be obtained from the concerned authority and listed in the valid list of local bishops. The age limit is 25 to 34 years.

Eligibility for Boudh Mank (Mahayana): The qualification for becoming a Dharma teacher in the army as Boudh Mank (Mahayana) is also graduation and the age limit is 25 to 34 years. However, the candidates should be recognized as Mank / Buddhist Priest from the concerned authority.

Physical Standards for Religion Teacher

To become a religion teacher in the army, all candidates must have a height of 160 cm. However, the height should be 155 cm for Gorkha and Ladakhi candidates, while the height should be 155 cm for candidates from Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Lakshadeep. Additionally, the chest should be 77 cm and weigh 50 kg. Weight for Gurkha and Ladakhi candidates is 48 kg. In addition to all these, candidates should be able to run 1600 meters in 8 minutes. Additional time from 30 seconds to 120 seconds is also given in this period according to the height in the mountainous areas.