There is a loud plan to remove Donald Trump from the post of President after the capital violence in America. In view of this, the Democrats have proposed to Vice President Mike Pence to implement the 25th Amendment of the Constitution. Let me tell you that many of the country's MPs have demanded the removal of the outgoing President Donald Trump from the post due to the recent embarrassing incident in America. It is alleged that Trump instigated his supporters after which he entered the Capitol premises and created a ruckus.

Significantly, before this, Speaker of the House of Representatives and Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi made an announcement on Sunday by writing a letter to the MPs. In this, he said that before the impeachment passed the resolution in the House, Vice President Pence and the cabinet would be urged to remove the trump. They will be asked to immediately leave the trump by implementing the provisions of the 25th Constitution Amendment. It will also be warned that if this proposal is not implemented then the process of impeachment will be started in the House after 24 hours. There is a preparation to vote on this proposal by Tuesday. Pelosi said, "We have to take immediate steps to protect our Constitution and democracy, because democracy and the Constitution are threatened by the presidency of President Trump."