Signal is being used in place of WhatsApp, so know these 5 important things

Let us know that Signal app accesses much less information of the user than whatsapp.

12th January, 2021

People are increasingly keeping distance from WhatsApp, because of this new privacy policy of WhatsApp. Due to this, people are using Signal app instead of WhatsApp. However the Signal app is brand new in India. In such a situation, the user should know some important things before its use, which will make it easy to use the Signal app. Let us know that Signal app accesses much less information of the user than whatsapp. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has also spoken about using Signal. Let's know about the tips and tricks of Signal app.

Set screen lock

Screen lock function is provided in the Signal app. In such a situation, even if your phone remains unlocked, you do not need to panic, because to use the signal app, a PIN or biometric lock will be required. For this, the user must first go to the privacy and screen lock option from the settings of the Signal app.

Turn off notifications 

Currently, many users are installing the Signal app, so in this case you will get suggestions from all the contact list persons. To avoid this, you should turn off the Signal app notifications. For this, you will have to go to the Settings option of the app, from where you have to click on the notification and Toggle contact joined signal off. 

Blur face photo 

If you are worried about privacy, then you will be given the option to blur the face before sending the photo in the Signal app. Along with this, an option will be given to manually edit the photo. From this you will get the option of automatic face blur tool and manually swipe out. 

Disappearing Message 

WhatsApp has recently been given the option of Disappearing Message. But this feature has been used for a long time in the Signal app. There will also be an option to set the time limit for missing messages. For this, the user must first click on the name of the person concerned. After this, the Disappearing message will appear, where you will be able to set the limit of disappearance of the message. 

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Pankaj Prasad