A major decision has been taken in the Punjab cabinet meeting. Captain Amarinder Singh government has decided to increase the prices of diesel and petrol in Punjab. Diesel and petrol prices have been increased by 25 paise per liter in the state. Along with this, many other decisions were also taken in the meeting. Tax has also been levied on fixed assets in the state.

A meeting was held late Monday evening under the chairmanship of Punjab cabinet Chief Minister Captain Amaridar Singh. It was decided to increase the prices of diesel and petrol by 25 paise per liter in Punjab. The Punjab government has imposed a tax of 25 paise on petrol-diesel and immovable property under special infrastructure development fees. The Punjab government has set a target of earning Rs 216 crore from it. Punjab is already costlier than neighboring states and Chandigarh. Now this gap has widened.

One time settlement scheme approved

Taking another important decision, the Punjab Government has approved the One Time Settlement Scheme for the C Farm. Till the arrival of GST in 2017, traders whose cases of C farms were not settled. The department has brought this plan for them. According to the new scheme, a trader with a tax of up to one lakh rupees will neither have to pay interest nor penalty, while he will get ninety percent discount in tax. Traders with tax ranging from one to five lakhs are exempt from interest and penalty.

During the meeting, the Legislative Assembly is also likely to discuss setting forth the next course of action to implement the bills passed against the Central Agricultural Reform Laws. At present the bill is with the Governor and he has not sent it to the President. In the meeting, some other decisions can also be taken regarding development works in the state.