Ormanjhi girl murdered: Ranchi police got big success after 10 days, head recovered from farm

Ormanjhi Murder: Ranchi Police was engaged in the search of the head for the last 10 days. After getting important clues this morning, police reached Chandve village and recovered a severed head from a field.

12th January, 2021

In Ormanjhi Murder case, Ranchi Police got a big success 10 days after the incident. The police recovered the severed head from the farm in Chandve village of Pithoria area of ​​the capital. The police was engaged in the search of the head for the last 10 days. Earlier this morning, after getting an important clue, the police reached Chandve village and looked for heads in the pond and fields. During this time, a severed head was recovered from a field. The head was buried by digging a pit.

Police looking for Sheikh Belal

In this case, the police is searching for a person named Sheikh Belal from Chandve village. Police suspect that Sheikh Belal is involved in the murder. The police will also reward the person who gives information about Belal. While issuing information, the Ranchi Police has written that the police is looking for the accused Sheikh Belal in the Oramanjhi murder case. People should cooperate in his arrest. Legal action will be taken against those who give shelter to Belal. The police has also released a picture of Belal. 9 years ago, Belal's name also came up in the murder of the infamous Raja Javed aka Bambaiya Javed in Pithoria area of ​​Ranchi.
SIT investigation continues: Let us

tell you that SIT investigation is going on in  the Ormanjhi murder case In this case, the police has also announced a reward of 5 lakhs for the one who gives clues. Till now, the deceased has not been identified. In Ormanjhi area of ​​Ranchi a naked corpse was found in the forest of a young woman. It is feared that the girl was murdered after the rape. The state's politics is hot on this incident. The opposition is demanding a CBI inquiry into the matter.

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Khushbu Kumari Jha