During a hearing in the Supreme Court on Tuesday on agricultural laws, the government lawyer claimed that pro-Khalistan terrorist organizations have entered the long-running farmer movement on the borders of Delhi, which is likely to worsen the atmosphere. It is believed from the said claim that pro-Khalistan organizations are trying to spoil the atmosphere in a big way from Delhi riots across the country on the instigation of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. The police also believe that large scale planning and funding is needed to run such a large-scale movement in an organized manner for a long time. Certainly the movement is getting help from behind the scenes.

Delhi Police and security agencies have become cautious after the movement received input to hijack ISI and pro-Khalistan terrorist organizations. Intelligence and IB (Intelligence Bureau) of Delhi Police are also involved in the investigation in view of the said possibilities. There is a lot of evidence to be told, but it has been kept very secret. Intelligence sources say that first this movement was started by rich farmers and adhathis of states like Punjab, Haryana etc. Gradually, he also connected the poor farmers with his movement.

Elections are also going to be held in Punjab, due to which some political parties have given full strength to check the poor farmers. When the movement took a big form, the ISI started airing the movement through Khalistan-backed terrorist organizations. In the first week of December, Special arrested two pro-Khalistan and three Hizbul Mujahideen militants. During his interrogation, it was found that Pakistan is promoting Khalistan movement in Punjab.

Intelligence says that conspiracy started for the Delhi riots even a month ago. Leaders and a few political parties associated with the ideology of the Left had started instigating the students and common people of the community during the demonstrations. Funding was done for this. Money was distributed to the rioters. The moment of rioting was chosen on the occasion when the then US President Donald Trump came to Delhi. Such a plan was made so that the foreign media would also cover the riots due to the trump and India's image would be tarnished worldwide.

At the same time, the Delhi Police says that the faces associated with the leftist ideology section, which played an important role in instigating the riots, were involved in the movement against the Citizenship Amendment Act (NRC), while the faces are now seen among the farmers. Keeping all these in view, the farmer movement is being closely monitored.