Yogi Government of Uttar Pradesh is going to spread the smile of scholarship on the face of students on Republic Day i.e. 26 January. Till date, more than 17 lakh students belonging to scheduled castes and general category have applied for scholarship and fee reimbursement in Social Welfare Department itself. In the first phase, students of Pre Matric and Post Matric will be given scholarships on Republic Day. After this, in the second phase, after the intermediate, the students of technical and professional courses will be reimbursed the fee.

Social welfare department, minority welfare department and backward class welfare department give scholarship and fee reimbursement to more than 57 lakh students every year in Uttar Pradesh. The scholarship is distributed every year on October 2 and January 26, but due to Corona transition in the year 2020, the scholarship schedule could not be followed. The scholarship could not be distributed on October 2 last year. The reason for this was the lack of approval from the Finance Department.

Now the UP government is going to distribute the scholarship on 26 January. Scholarships will be given to those who have applied so far in the Social Welfare Department. Similarly, the Department of Backward Classes Welfare and Minority Welfare is also preparing to distribute scholarships on 26 January. The NIC is preparing the details of the students applying. Their actual number will be revealed in a week. After this, students who apply will be given scholarship in March.