The Supreme Court has taken the initiative to end the deadlock between farmers and the government on the issue of agricultural laws and to find a solution through negotiations but the deadlock does not seem to stop. The protests of farmers against agricultural laws continued for the 49th day on Wednesday. Farmers' organizations met on the issue of their next strategy. In the midst of the meeting, farmers burnt copies of new agricultural laws on the occasion of Lohri. Signs are clear that farmers will intensify the movement in the coming days. At the same time, politics is also continuing on this issue.

Protests at district headquarters on 18 January  

Farmer leader Darshan Pal Singh said that by burning copies of three agricultural laws, we have sent a message to the government that in the same way these bills will one day bring our anger and the government will have to withdraw the law. On 18th, women will protest in markets, SDM offices, district headquarters across the country. 

Tikait said - 10 year old tractors will run on Delhi roads 

Indian Farmers Union spokesman Rakesh Tikait spoke about intensifying the movement. He said that the government should work on how the agricultural law ends. If the government has banned 10-year-old tractors, then we will show 10-year-old tractors by driving on the streets of Delhi. He also said that if any country is talking anti-nationalism in the movement, the government should arrest it. 

Government in favor of negotiation 

Meanwhile, Union Agriculture Minister Parshottam Rupala said that the government is in favor of constant dialogue with the farmers' organizations as it believes that the solution to the issue will come out of the dialogue. 

Lohri  celebrating burning copies of agricultural laws 

The festival of Lohri is celebrated in North India at the beginning of spring. On this occasion, people collect wood and burn it and wish for happiness and prosperity. Farmer leader Manjit Singh Rai has announced that farmers will celebrate Lohri by burning copies of agricultural laws on the evening of January 13 at all demonstration sites. Farmers in different parts of the country have started burning copies of agricultural laws.

Farmer said - no trust on committee members

A meeting of 40 farmer organizations protesting against the new agricultural laws is also being held to decide its strategy to give a edge to the 'United Farmers' Movement. Farmers' organizations allege that the committee formed on the orders of the Supreme Court is pro-government. They say that they accept nothing less than the withdrawal of all three agricultural laws. However, farmers have welcomed the decision to ban the implementation of agricultural laws.

Don't be arrogant, listen to the farmers: Congress

At the same time, a series of counter-attacks between the government and the opposition parties are continuing. The Congress has said that the four members of the Supreme Court have been elected by the committee. They are already supporters of Modi ji's laws. What justice will the members of such committee do. Congress's chief spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala said that Prime Minister ... don't be so arrogant, listen to the farmers or else the country will stop listening to you.

Naqvi said - Congress engaged in criminal conspiracy

The government has also hit back at the Congress statement. Union minister and BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi has accused the Congress of criminal conspiracy. He said that it is a matter of regret that some people are carrying a gun on the shoulders of farmers with a box of criminal conspiracy. These people are not friendly to the farmers. These people who create an atmosphere of confusion are the magicians of the traditional professional confusion.

Minister of State for Agriculture said- let these laws come into force first

Union Minister of State for Agriculture Kailash Chaudhary says that a committee has been formed by the Supreme Court will definitely take the most impartial opinion in the coming times. If the old laws were so good, the farmer would not be poor and forced to commit suicide. Watch this law for some time, if nothing happens then more amendments can be done in future. The committee constituted by the Supreme Court will take the decision only after holding talks with the farmers.

Rahul is angry with the government

At the same time, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi attacked the government and said that the government was scared of the tractor rally. The former Congress president tweeted and said, "The Modi government was not ashamed of the martyrdom of more than 60 Annadata but they are embarrassed by the tractor rally." In another tweet, Rahul questioned the committee and said ... Can justice be expected from individuals who have written support for anti-agricultural laws. This fight will continue till the anti-farmer laws are over. Jai jawan jai kisan.