Board Exams 2021: Increased tension of students as well as parents regarding board exams, read- How to relief stress?

Parents are very concerned about the upcoming board exam.

19th January, 2021

Board Exams 2021: Parents are very concerned about the upcoming board exam (Bihar Board Exam 2021, CBSE Board Exam 2021). Actually, if we talk about the 2020-21 session of the school, then the school remained closed for almost the whole year. Although there is no obstacle in the students' studies, for this, the schools also arranged for online classes. But many questions also arose regarding its success. It was told that the online class failed to add students fully.

Along with this, parents also complained that children are not taking classes carefully and continue to engage in mobile games. Now that the board exam has come to a close, schools are also being opened for children of 10th and 12th, but there is no shortage in the tension of the parents. Taking his problem, he is also reaching the school and the doctor.

Tension increases as the exam gets closer

Akshaya, who lives in Kankarbagh, says that her sons have 10th and 12th examinations. She says - she has not been educated all year. Most of the time is spent on mobile. In such a situation, there is bound to be tension in the exam. Even now if he is not reading, then he starts getting angry. Then at times when there are less marks in the test, then I keep thinking about what will happen to the future throughout the night.

Advice is taking place in schools

Parents are taking phone calls in schools and taking their troubles and taking advice. Farhat Hassan, director of the International School, says that along with the students about the preparation of the exam, there are calls from the Guardian also that how our children should prepare. For this, we are advising students to do extracurricular classes along with counseling.

Psychologist Binda Singh says that ever since the exam announces, the cases of parents and children have started coming up. Parents are worried about the performance of the children, so there is increased annoyance and tension among the children.

Exam Stress: How to overcome stress

Taking stress and anger to score better in exam is not the solution to this problem. Focus on how to prepare children in a short time. In response, BD Public School Principal and City Co-ordinator of CBSE, Dr. Rajeev Ranjan, says that the exam has three months and syllabus are also reduced, in such a way, better results can be obtained by preparing routine wise. .

Therefore, it is advisable for all students to give proper time to all subjects and prepare themselves with time management. If you plan and study, then you will be able to give time to all subjects. Try to keep in touch with teachers even after classes, so that if there is any problem, then you can talk to the teacher and remove it.

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Puja Jha