In the wake of the meeting of the Congress Working Committee on Friday, there has been a stir in the party regarding the organization elections. Considering the possibility of starting the process of electing the new president of the party, while the supporters of the High Command are expecting a strong chance for Rahul Gandhi to come forward to take over the re-election, the disgruntled leaders of the party also have a group There is intense churning on the candidate landing in the election.

These issues will dominate the working committee meeting 

While the meeting of the working committee convened before the budget session of Parliament will discuss many important political agendas like farmers' agitation, budget session, Chinese incursion, but the most important issue for the leaders and workers of Congress is the organization green election programs. The flag will be given. The election authority of the party has completed almost all preparations, including preparing the list of AICC members, to elect the new president of Congress. 

Election programs of new president may be announced 

Madhusudan Mistry, the head of the Party Election Authority, is awaiting the approval of the Working Committee to materialize the organization elections. Discussions are hot in the political corridors of the party that in the working committee meeting on Friday, the authority can be approved to announce the programs for the election of the new president of Congress. In the current structure of the party, most of the state units, not only the leaders and workers, are in favor of Rahul Gandhi being re-elected president. 

Congress ruled states also with Rahul 

Not only this, the Chief Ministers of the four Congress ruled states Captain Amarinder Singh, Ashok Gehlot, Bhupesh Baghel and Narayanasamy are also in support of Rahul. There is both dilemma and suspense about this in the group of 23 disgruntled leaders who question the party's current condition and style of leadership. 

Not opted off 

In order to allay the disgruntled camp's displeasure, Sonia Gandhi's call was softened after the last meeting called on December 19, but still her option to field her candidate in the presidential election has not stopped. 

... then the dissident camp can take off its candidate 

Sources associated with the disgruntled camp say that if Rahul Gandhi returns to the post for the post of president again, then according to the situation, a decision will be taken on whether or not to field candidates. If a mild face like KC Venugopal is replaced by Rahul, the dissident camp will field its candidate, it is almost certain. In view of these two political circumstances, the G23 group is searching for a strong candidate for the post of President.