The Cyber ​​Cell of Dwarka District Police and the team of Bindapur Police Station have arrested three accused from Jamtara and Dhanbad of Jharkhand. Police have also recovered three mobile phones, nine debit cards, 23 SIM cards from them. The accused have been identified as Iqbal, Fenul and Shahabuddin.

Cases of cyber crime are increasing

Dwarka District Deputy Commissioner of Police Santosh Kumar Meena said that in view of the ever increasing cases of cyber crime, Dwarka District Police is constantly making efforts in the direction of their prevention. In this order, the team of sub-inspectors Arvind, Mahendra and Kishore under the leadership of Inspector Mahendra Mishra raided Jharkhand based on the information received during the investigation. The accused had taken 10 lakhs from a woman's account.

Complaint was filed in Bindapur police station in case of online fraud of Rs 10 lakh

The victim woman complained to Bindapur police station on 25 December. They said that they had lost their purse. There were debit cards and other documents in the purse. Immediately he decided to give this information to the bank's customer service department. They looked for the number on the search engine. On contacting the phone number found on the basis of the search, he got an assurance that his card would be blocked. But, after about an hour, he got a message that his bard has been blocked. But after about an hour, he got a message that the fixed deposit of 10 lakh rupees he had made, the amount has been withdrawn.

Investigation revealed that the accused hailed from Jharkhand

On the basis of the complaint, the police forwarded the investigation on the basis of information received from call details, bank account investigation and technical investigation. Information received during the investigation revealed that the accused are associated with Dhanbad, Asansol, Jamtara and other areas. After this, police raided many places. Meanwhile, on January 19, the police came to know about the three accused who are in Jamtara and Dhanbad areas. After this, the police caught all three. Iqbal is from Fakirdeh village in Dhanbad district, Fenul is from Bhandarideh village in Dhanbad and Shahabuddin is from Kabari village in Jamtara.