The troubles of filmmaker and director Sajid Khan have increased once again. Jiah Khan's sister accused Sajid Khan of sexually harassing Jiya. Now film actress Sherlyn Chopra has also made the same allegations against her. The BBC has released a documentary titled 'Death in Bollywood'. It talks about the death of Jia Khan. After this once again the discussion has heated up.

Jia Khan's sister Karishma has told about the incident how her sister sexually assaulted her in Sajid Khan. When the incident happened, Jia Khan was just 16 years old. Since then the matter is pending. A few days ago, Sherlyn Chopra Sajid Khan is also targeted. His sister Farah Khan has also kept distance from Sajid Khan.

Ashok Pandit, chief advisor of the Federation of Western India Cine Amplai, said about this, 'We summoned Sajid Khan to give his clarification on the dispute but he did not come. We called him once again. This time he came and he all I have denied the allegations even if thousands of film union workers decide that they are not to work with the accused of Me Too, then we cannot do anything about it.  

Sajid Khan has also been accused of sexual harassment by many women before this. After this he had to step down from the directorial position of the film. Sajid Khan is the director of Bollywood. He has directed many films which were also very much liked. Sajid Khan Shahrukh Khan has very good friends. He has also made many films with Sajid Nadiadwala.