A married woman was abducted by a married woman from Ladhupur in Sarnath on Friday night. Local people caught up at Pandepur intersection as the woman made noise. After this, handed over to the police. After this, the car rider and the woman were brought to the Sarnath police station on Saturday evening. The police's senses were also blown away by what was revealed in the interrogation. At present, the police has started investigating the matter completely.

According to the information, originally Balua (Balua Thana Chandauli) Nivasini is a married woman living in a rented house with auto driver husband in Ledhupur village. The woman said that she performs dance work in the orchestra. A resident of Gaura, who works in the orchestra itself, said that I am taking money to marry the five of you. You forcefully run away from the car in Pandeypur. Told that at eight o'clock on Friday evening, all five came from a vehicle on the road at Ladhupur, with them she sat in the vehicle. In Pandeypur, she was on the run to pretend to vomit. Meanwhile, the police got caught on suspicion. Meanwhile, SHO Sarnath Indrabhushan Yadav said that the incident has been reported to the higher authorities. The matter is under investigation. Advance action will be taken on the instructions of high officials. At the same time, the police have also been looking for the woman who married the five.