Caution occurred due to accident, these lines are often heard and read. But very few people are able to execute it. On Saturday, two friends jokingly said goodbye to the world in Geeta Colony. The two were mocking each other on the factory roof by tickling each other, there was no roof boundary. Both were so engrossed in fun that they fell straight from the roof into the street. The deceased have been identified as Shafiq and Shakeel. Both were married.

According to the police, Shafiq lived with the family in the Zafarabad area. He is survived by his wife and other members. While Shakeel also lived with his family near his house. Both were good friends.

Were working in a three-storey garment factory

Both used to work with a person named Mukesh Dua. Mukesh has a three-storey garment factory at Lake Khuranja. The two went to work on Saturday, went to the factory terrace to have lunch in the afternoon. So that you can enjoy the sun with food. The two had dinner together and after that they started laughing at each other. The roof has a door only for steps, there is no boundary wall. Both jokingly came to the balcony and uncontrolled and both fell into the street together.

As soon as both of them fell, the factory was stirred up, with both of them being hospitalized. Where doctors declared him dead. Police have taken the body and sent it for postmortem. Police is investigating the case by registering the case.