Five people arrested in Kerala for eating food after killing leopard, seized skins and teeth

A case of leopard meat has been reported in Idukki district of Kerala. Five accused have been arrested in this case. In this incident, the accused were trying to sell the leopard's skin claws and teeth. All have been seized.

24th January, 2021

Kerala, where last year the case of vandalism with an elephant engulfed the whole of India, whose pain was felt by all the countrymen, a new incident has come to the fore in Kerala. A case of eating a leopard by killing its meat has come to light in Idukki district of Kerala. Five accused have been arrested in this incident. According to police, five villagers in Idukki district have been accused of killing a leopard and eating its flesh. Forest officials said that five people living in Mankulam in Idukki district have been arrested for eating leopard meat. 

The incident took place on 20 January in Mankulam area of ​​Idukki district. The five accused were identified as Vinod, Kurikose, Beenu, Kunjappan and Vincent, arrested by Mankulam Forest Range Officer Udhay Suriyaan. Surian said that Vinod had placed a trap around his house to hunt wild animals, which is located near a forest.

The forest officer said that after being trapped in the leopard trap, Vinod and others killed the animal, cooked its meat and consumed it. He further stated that the accused kept the teeth, nails and skin of the animal separate as they wanted to sell them.

Why did the accused kill the leopard?

A case has been registered against the accused under various sections of the Wildlife Protection Act. It is being told that these people were very upset by entering the leopard farm. On Wednesday (January 20), these people caught the leopard child and killed it and cooked its flesh and ate it.

Significantly, last year in Kerala, the brutality of an elephant hurt the whole of India. In Malappuram, Kerala, some people fed a pregnant elephant with a pineapple full of firecrackers. He died thereafter.

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Khushbu Kumari Jha