Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made it clear that not only his abilities will be fully utilized but also he will get respect. The self-reliant India campaign will not only have expectations from the private sector but will also provide them all opportunities and facilities from the government. Explaining the direction of the government, the Prime Minister appealed to the NITI Aayog and the Chief Ministers present in the meeting that the winds of cooperation and cohesion should flow not only to the Center and the state but also to the district and block levels. At the same time, on the lines of the direction and thinking of the Center, the states also suggested preparing budget provisions.

The country wants to move fast, get out of the clutches of state redundant laws 

In the meeting of the Governing Council of NITI Aayog, the Prime Minister also gave the message that agricultural reform is the need of the country. The country coming out of Corona showed great excitement about the Union Budget. The market is showing a glimpse of it. In such a situation, when the Prime Minister addressed the NITI Aayog and the Chief Ministers on Saturday, the focal point was the budget. He said that the positive attitude shown by the budget has indicated what the mood of the nation is. The country has made up its mind. The country wants to grow fast. The country does not want to waste time now. The private sector is also coming forward. As a government, we also have to respect it and give equal opportunities to the private sector in self-sufficient India. 

Need to take everyone along in the development of the country

The Prime Minister's statement is significant because the opposition party is accusing the government of being soft towards the corporate. The Prime Minister made it clear that there is a need to take everyone along in the development of the country. He said that competition has to be created at every level. Do from state to state, from district to district and from block to block. Increase in mutual competition in the private sector, but the quality should be such that India not only produces but also becomes internationally accepted, only then the goal of self-reliant India can be achieved. He said that harmony with competition is also necessary.

State should take full advantage of budget coming one month in advance

He said that the Center has made the general budget a month in advance. In such a situation, if the state governments create harmony with that budget then the profit can be doubled. In this sequence, he also appealed to the states to be free from such laws which are meaningless and create hurdles. There were also Chief Ministers of several opposition parties in the meeting, who are constantly making statements against it. 

Farmers can get money spent on food imports

The Prime Minister again emphasized the need for agricultural reform in front of them and said that despite being an agricultural country, India brings 65-70 thousand crores of edible oil from outside. This money can go into the pockets of Indian farmers. But for this, the states will have to formulate a strategy keeping in view the geographical and regional environment. His message indirectly was that some states should now emphasize crop diversification rather than paddy and wheat.