New devices are knocking in the smartphone market. The special thing is that you will get better smartphones in every budget segment here. But some devices and brands are a bit expensive but their experience is awesome. In such a situation, if you like an expensive smartphone and do not have the budget to buy it, then you can see the second-hand device. There is no harm in buying second-hand smartphones because some people sell used smartphones for one or two months. In such a situation, if you want, you can buy your favorite phone second-hand for a lower price. But during this time you have to take care of some things so that you can avoid any mess or fraud. 

Better to talk together

If you are buying a second hand smartphone and for that your conversation is going on through a website, then plan to meet first. Try to have someone sit face to face, so that you will get an idea that there are no freed in front. 

Run the phone for at least 15 minutes

You will definitely feel a bit awkward after reading this, but when buying a second-hand smartphone, try using the phone in your hands for at least 15 minutes. This will also let you know whether you are able to operate the phone properly or not. Also, its performance and battery capacity will also be known. 

Check all the ports of the phone

If you are buying a second-hand smartphone, it does not mean that you should take any carelessness in it. Rather keep in mind that it is important to check its ports properly only with the look of the phone. Because many times they buy the second hand phone by looking at it and later find that there is a defect in its ports. 

Match the IMEI number given in the bill and phone

While buying a second hand smartphone, take its retail box together and even match the IMEI number with the bill in it. To check the IMEI number, dial * # 06 # in the phone, the number will appear on the front screen. If the seller of the phone says that his phone bill has been lost, then take it in writing from him. 

Do not make virtual payments

It is important that you do not make virtual or online payments while buying a second hand smartphone. Especially until the phone comes in your hands, it will be wrong to pay. The best way is to take a phone from the person you are buying a second-hand smartphone and pay the same there.