The Home Department has been permanently demoted to the post of Inspector after suspended DSP Nisar Ahmed was found guilty of negligence in the investigation. Along with this, they will get financial benefit and benefit of increment only on the basis of the downgraded post. The Home Department has issued a resolution related to it on Friday. At the same time, the man charged in the case of a heinous crime like misdemeanor got justice. 

Sub-Divisional Police Officer of Narkatiaganj was Nisar Ahmed

This whole matter is of 2018. Nisar Ahmed was then the Subdivision Police Officer of Narkatiaganj. At the same time, a case of sexual relations by refusing to marry and refusing to marry came to him. It is alleged that he did not take seriousness while investigating this scandal. Nisar Ahmed of the girl involved in the incident did not even get a medical examination. Nisar Ahmed took a hasty decision for personal gain and selfishness, without reviewing the evidence. In this case, the Home Department has demoted him to the rank of Under Inspector from DSP.

Youth was in jail for three months

It is said that a young woman had accused the young man of raping her. In her complaint, the victim had said that the young man had raped her by pretending to be married and later refused to marry. The youth was arrested by the police in the investigation of the case. On the other hand, Nisar Ahmed did not even get the victim's medical examination done. At the same time, the accused said that the youth had to stay in jail for three months. When the investigation of the case started, the young man who was charged was found innocent. While the suspended DSP Nisar Ahmed was found guilty of negligence in the investigation, the Home Department has permanently demoted him to the post of Inspector.