The first session of the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Main 2021) is to be conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) from 23 February to 26 February. It is generally believed that preparing for the exam in advance helps any student to perform well and achieve success in the exam. In addition, cracking the exam also depends on what the students do in the last days before the exam.

Since there are very few days left for the JEE Main Exam to be conducted now, the candidates should take note of some important points in these remaining days. We are giving you some tips for preparing for the last days of JEE Main 2021, which will help you score better in the exam.

Revision of important topics

As you know, there is very less time left for conducting the JEE Main exam, so revising the entire syllabus is not possible. In this case, the candidates should revise the high weightage topics in every subject, as it can increase your score. Revising is an important study practice for JEE aspirants. Therefore, before the exam, candidates should focus on revision and practice all important formulas and theorems. Memorizing these will help you to solve many questions easily.

Do not study new subjects

In the last days of their preparation, candidates should keep in mind that they do not study new subjects. Because, studying the subjects which you have not yet read, may cost you more time. Candidates should focus on revising the subjects they have already studied.

Time management

The best way to improve time management for the exam is to give mock tests and practice sample papers / previous years papers. Candidates should take maximum mock test to check time management. With this, the candidates also get information about their potential and get to know their strong and weak area. Practicing previous years question papers of JEE Main will help you to improve your time management.

Be confident

While going to the examination center for JEE Main 2021, be confident and think positively. Do not worry or worry too much about the exam. This can cause you to lose focus in the exam. Have faith in yourself and your hard work. You should sleep well one day before the exam. This will make you feel refreshed on exam day.