Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is in a very difficult situation. A major reason for this is the important meeting of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). In this virtual meeting of the FATF, a decision may be taken to exclude many countries, including Pakistan, from the gray list or to include them in the blacklist. Will China and Turkey be able to save him this time too? The special thing is that this meeting is taking place at a time when the entire opposition is united against the Imran government. In such a situation, any action against Pakistan of FATF can make the Imran government more difficult. Especially when Pakistan is completely financially fed up. Apart from this, the case of the release of the killers of Pearl can also become a major obstacle in his path. There will also be a big question in this meeting as to why Pakistan has not taken action against the JUD-JEM so far.

The release of Daniel Pearl's killers could become a major hindrance

A new issue of the release of Daniel Pearl's killers could also be added to the Financial Action Task Force meeting that begins in France's capital Paris on Monday. The manner in which the Pakistani court has relieved the assassins of American journalist Daniel Pearl may increase his difficulties even more. Pakistan was condemned in the international world for the acquittal of Pearl's assassinations. Imran's government had given a stern warning to many European countries, including the US, over the decision to acquit Pearl's killers. Because of this, Pakistan had to come on the backfoot in connection with the release of Pearl's killers.

JeM and JUD terrorists are roaming freely in Pakistan 

Apart from Pearl, the FATF has strong information that the Pakistani government has not taken any concrete action against the dreaded terrorist organization Jaish-e-Muhammad and JUD till now. Both the above terrorist organizations are acting fearlessly on the land of Pakistan. Recently, America also warned Pakistan that it would have to stop sheltering terrorist organizations in its country. The organization has been blamed for several terrorist attacks in India. In January 2002, it was banned by the Pakistani government under pressure, but Jaish-e-Muhammad is changing its name to carry out its activities. This ban of Pakistan was just a show-off.

Pakistan's eye will be on China and Turkey

FATF put Pakistan on the gray list in the year 2018. The international fraternity had made serious allegations of terrorism and money laundering. Since then, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Malaysia have supported Pakistan in every FATF meeting. Each time these countries shared their friendship with Pakistan. These countries had said that Pakistan is taking adequate steps to eliminate terrorism. However, at the February 2020 FATF meeting, China's stance changed slightly. China left Pakistan, but Turkey supported it. This time it will be interesting to see what the Chinese position is.

India, America, and European countries will be watching

Pakistan has been patronizing and supporting terrorism in its country. India has always opposed this move of Pakistan. Therefore, India has been demanding that Pakistan be put on the blacklist in the FATF right from the beginning. This time the US will also be eyeing the FATF meeting. He has been very upset since the acquittal of Daniel Pearl's assassinations by Pakistan. European countries are also very angry with the patronage of terrorist organizations in Pakistan. Therefore, the eyes of the US and European countries will also be focused on this meeting.