Another nefarious face of Pakistan, always trying to plot against India, has emerged. Notorious Khalistani leader Gopal Singh Chawla has spoken of holding a tractor rally in Pakistan in the name of supporting demonstrations going on in protest against agricultural laws in India. Chawla is considered close to Hafiz Saeed, the mastermind of the Mumbai attack. Let us tell you that on January 26, a farmers' tractor rally was held in Delhi, in which the miscreants caused a lot of violence.

Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI's henchman Chawla has released a video on the internet media talking about a tractor rally. However, he has not given any date. Sensing the nefarious designs of Pakistan in anti-agricultural law demonstrations, the Indian government on February 17 refused to allow the Sikh group led by the SGPC to participate in the Centenary Program in Pakistan.

In fact, some militant parties are trying to take advantage of the farmer movement, the government has been indicating this. The violence that took place during the Tractor Rally on the streets of Delhi on 26 January, the disturbance that was caused at the Red Fort, was witnessed by the whole world. Farmers' organizations are saying that they had no intention of committing violence. Then at whose behest did violence take place? These questions are in search of the intelligence agencies. Now the announcement of the tractor rally in Pakistan clearly indicates that the strings of violence in Delhi can also be connected to Pakistan.

It is worth noting that many farmers' organizations have been protesting against the agrarian bills for the last about 3 months on the borders of Delhi. During this time, the farmers' organizations have also talked to the government several times, but no result has been found. The case has reached the Supreme Court. The court has shown the way to remove the deadlock between the government and the farmers by constituting a committee of experts.