The Trinamool Congress, including the BJP, is keenly watching the election in West Bengal. Both not only want to do better in this election but also want to defeat each other a lot. Mamta Banerjee has been in power by registering her strong victory here for two consecutive times. Therefore, this time it has become a nose question for them that there should be no reduction in it. At the same time, BJP has been finding its way in West Bengal for a long time. In the true sense, the BJP does not seem to have much to lose and gain, but it not only wants to perform better but also removes TMC from power. In such a situation, despite four big parties here, including TMC, BJP, Left, and Congress, the contest is only in BJP and TMC. But in the opinion of experts, there is another party that has announced a banged entry in this election. That is Asaduddin Owaisi's AIMIM.

Owaisi now wants to make his presence felt in West Bengal on the basis of the seats won in Bihar. In such a situation, Muslim votes may be divided here. Political analysts Pradeep Singh and Shivaji Sarkar believe that the impact of Owaisi can be seen in the assembly constituencies near the border with Bihar. Muslim people, especially in Furfura and its surrounding areas, feel that Owsi is their leader. They have nothing to lose and gain. Pradeep Singh says that in West Bengal a large number of TMC held their votes. But this time, Owaisi can succeed in making a dent in it.

In Shivaji's opinion, BJP will directly benefit from Owaisi's coming to this election. The reason for this is that they believe that the BJP used to get little or no Muslim vote in the state before and even now the BJP does not appear to be more serious about it. But TMC will be the biggest loser in the distribution of votes after the arrival of Owaisi. Owaisi will cut TMC's vote in this election, which will benefit BJP.

In Pradeep Singh's opinion, BJP has raised its voice against the state government's policy of appeasement here. Therefore, the party is eyeing the Hindu vote bank. Owaisi does not matter to the BJP. They are limited to where the Muslim majority areas are. In such a situation, the BJP is not even paying attention to Owaisi and does not make any rhetoric against them. The direct fight here is between BJP and TMC. Therefore, Owaisi is nothing more than a vote divider here. They will be a profitable deal for BJP.