The number of people who died of coronavirus infection in the US has reached half a million. America has not lost so many people in any war or epidemic before. An estimated 405,000 lost their lives in World War II, 58,000 in the Vietnam War, and 36,000 in the Korean War. Kovid-19 has killed five million people in the past year, which is equivalent to the population of Kansas City, Missouri.

According to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, the number of deaths from Kovid-19 so far is higher than the total deaths from respiratory disease, paralysis, Alzheimer's flu, and pneumonia in 2019. America's infectious disease specialist Dr. Anthony Fauchi told a CNN program that we haven't seen anything like this in the last 102 years since the 1918 influenza epidemic.

By far, the largest number of people killed in the corona epidemic in the world has been in America. The US government has decided to half-tilt the national flag in memory of the more than five million people killed by the coronavirus. The White House gave this information on Monday. The national flag will remain half-tilted for five days on all US government federal buildings. White House press secretary Jane Paskey gave this information. On Monday, President Joe Biden mourned the White House in memory of those who died of Covid-19. He said that Americans must muster up the courage to bear this great grief. We have to resist seeing each life as a figure or a blot.

According to an estimate, by June 1 in the US, 589,000 people will be killed due to Covid-19. However, it is worth noting that Coronavirus vaccination started in the US in the middle of December. But the United States has reported the most cases of coronavirus infection. Therefore, it will take time to improve the situation. The first death from a coronavirus infection in the US occurred in February 2020. It took up to four months to reach the figure of 1 to 100000 deaths.