Faridabad: A massive fire broke out in a plastic granule company, dozens of fire engines were on the spot

Fire in Company: It is alleged that fire brigade reached the spot an hour after getting the information.

23th February, 2021

A plastic fire broke out in a company in Sarurpur Industries area of ​​Faridabad district of Haryana this morning. The fire was so fierce that it spread to the entire company on seeing it. The security guard of the company informed the fire brigade and the police, after which the fire brigade vehicles are trying to extinguish the fire.

Dense black smoke is rising from the company making the grain in street number 3, located in Sarurpur area of ​​Faridabad. In fact, a huge fire broke out in the company this morning. According to the employee working in the company, the company caught fire around 7:00 am. According to the employee, at first he tried to extinguish the fire but could not succeed and the fire spread slowly, due to which all the workers working in the company exited the company and the fire brigade and police were informed about it.

Fire Department accused of late arrival

It is alleged that the fire brigade arrived about 1 hour late and started trying to extinguish the fire. Meanwhile, police officers rushed to the spot and got involved in rescue work. Despite the hard work of the bells and dozens of fire engines, the fire has not been controlled yet. According to Bablu, an employee working in the company, after the incident, all the people working in the company had gone out safely.

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Reported by:
Khushbu Kumari Jha