Complaints can now be resolved easily in India

Resolver India today announced the launch of, a free online platform to solve the problems of consumers.

13th March, 2019

New Delhi: A free online platform for resolving the problems of consumers, Resolver India today announced the launch of This website enables consumers to engage with companies in a very systematic manner, as well as help businesses understand better customer complaints - and in this way, it helps both in resolving unhealthy cases with cordiality. .

The record of the past achievement of this organization has been excellent and with more than 3 million cases of file disposal and customer satisfaction rate of more than 98% in the UK, it is the most preferred option for solving problems for millions of consumers in the UK. Resolver India (formerly known as Expertley) is an Indian start-up and has received funding from the UK Resolver Group. JIMS and President of UINCEPT Incubator Manish Gupta in Resolver India have also invested in the early stages. Prior to investing in Resolver India, the Resolver UK website received more than 15,000 queries from Indians every month. During the year 2018, more than 2.5 lakh Indians saw this website in the UK. When a person registers his problem at, he is told about consumer rights, he is assisted in preparing the complaint and recording the communication made through email / chat, as well as his The complaint is also made in a case file and it is also done in the next step in the process of its solution. India is the world's third largest consumer market, and due to this, the Consumer Grievance Solutions market is many times larger than the UK.

Sir Dominic Esquith, British High Commissioner on this occasion said that today I am feeling very happy with the launch of the Resolver in India. It is helpful for both business and consumers of all over India and provides solutions of all types of complaints more effectively. I am very confident that this name will soon be on the lips of every Indian. On the launch, Resolver India CEO Pratyush Singh said that the Resolver is an independent and impartial grievance redressal platform, which allows consumers to present issues to the organizations efficiently and effectively. It is our mission to break the walls between consumers and businesses - we want to develop confidence and understanding through solution through the means of immediate and redundant debate-free solutions. is operated by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), which guides consumers and supports organizations by suggesting their next step and its time.

Resolver Group UK CEO and founder James Walker said that "we love India - and we can not wait to share what we have learned in providing the results according to their needs to the people of our country." Are.

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