University Exams early this year

upcoming elections might be the best reason

14th March, 2019

A major change in the exam time table for the university students have been noticed in some of the Indian states. There are universities especially in states like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh where the university exams start from the month of March and extend till the month of September and sometimes even more. For instance, the LNMU university of Bihar conducted its university exam till the month of November two years back. Practical exams have already conducted in the month of January even before the examination form was filled.

University exams have started with the 10+2 exams in the month of March and with very small intervals they tend to complete the entire examination by the month of April. Students have been amazed by this level of urgency, but not highly surprised as they know that this may happen during elections. However, a majority of students have expected the exams after the elections. This has also proved beneficial to the students as now the weather is still tolerable and it is good enough for them. During the time of non-urgency, exams appear in the middle of rainy seasons, festivals and this becomes problematic. Moreover, the long gaps between the exams prove to be stressful.

Be it an election for now, but if this level of urgency is displayed every year, students will have more time for better preparation of their brighter future.

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