Polio supplements kill a baby

A 9-month-old baby girl died after taking the drug of polio.

14th March, 2019

Banda: About a decade of vaccination campaign for polio-free India, a big question mark came when it was alleged that a 9-month-old baby girl died after taking the drug of polio. The case is from Shambhu Nagar in Banda district, where 9-year-old daughter Ishita of Sun Kumar Shukla was given polio and after that the health of Ishita began to worsen. They rushed to the hospital after taking her in the hospital, where the doctors declared the girl dead. Families have accused polio of being disturbed. On the complaint of family, Dr. Santosh Kumar, CMO, instructed to send the bottle of medicine for examination. He said that the postmortem of the girl will be done from the panel of two doctors. Earlier, the family members told that the child was completely healthy, she had no problem. Giving information related to the case DMH Lal said, It is unfortunate. This is the first case when a child has died due to drinking polio drops.

Will be investigated seriously-
The official said that six bottles of medicine were brought from the bottle which was given to the child by the same vial, in which one child belongs to the same family. After drinking the medicine, other children have not had any kind of problem. This does not seem to be the side effect of the drug. The DM is being investigated seriously.

DM reached hospital-
DM told that if there is any kind of departmental negligence then the guilty people will not be left. The family told the DM that the assistant nurse midwifery (ANM) women and men workers had come in hand with two bottles of vials to give their medicine to the poles. They did not have any ice box etc. At the same time he told that the baby was given more medicines instead of two drops. To investigate, a DM has ordered the formation of the committee and has sought the report as soon as possible.

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