Will Kolkata face the Kalbaisakhi again?

Slight rain at evening and it's storming now.

17th March, 2019

Kolkata: Every year Kolkata faces these storms and the same will be this year but a bit early.

After the last Kalbaisakhi in February, a slight rainfall occurred in Kolkata and even some places faced sleets. Today from 7 PM onwards speedy winds were blowing through out the city and at around 7:15 PM haivy rainfall occured. Last Now-Westers just blew the minds of Kolkatians and this one might be more destructive. Many trees were found broken in the way like someone just pulled it and it broke down. After the last storm in February humidity and temperature were found to be really high. So this storm may decrease the temperature and the humidity and off course it will destroy more trees may be much more than the last time.

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