Two airborne survivors, the Pak Airspace shutdown, heavy air traffic by colliding in Mumbai

Survived from a horrific accident on Friday in Mumbai's sky.

17th March, 2019

There was a horrible accident on Friday in the sky of Mumbai. It is being told that in the afternoon, two international flights passed so close to each other that their direct collision escaped. According to the information, when the two flights came close to each other, the collision survival system became active after which both of these planes were removed. It is also getting information that an Air Traffic Controller has been discharged.

Let us tell you that due to the airspace closure of Pakistan from February 27, both international flights were passing through the route of Mumbai. It is also being said that due to the over aircraft in Mumbai airspace over the last few days, air traffic has increased and Air Traffic Control (ATC) has to work as a superhuman to manage this traffic used to be.

When both planes came in front-
Both aircraft in the sky, Friday afternoon at 1.40 pm Air France Beijing 777 aircraft was at a height of 32,000 feet and this plane was going from Hwi Min City to Paris. The aircraft was number AE 253. At the same time, the second aircraft was Etihad Airbus 320, which was going from Abu Dhabi to Kathmandu and was at 31,000 feet high. The aircraft's number was EV-290.

There was only the difference of seconds in colliding with both-
Sources said that at 1.40 AM, the Mumbai Air Traffic Control asked Etihad Flight to go 33,000 feet high. At the same height, the aircraft flew up to the A3F Flight 253 which was coming from its opposite direction. Both of these aircraft were only 3 nautical miles away from each other, that is, the only difference between the two was to hit each other. "Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) in the two planes became active due to which the pilots made them put away.

A senior officer of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation confirmed the incident and said that the order for investigation has been ordered. Pakistan is increasingly increasing the date of closure of its airspace. The next date for opening Airspace is now on Monday, March 18th.

Due to the closure of Pak Airspace, the route has to be changed-
According to the information provided by the authorities, due to the closure of the Pakistan Airspace, flights between West and South / Southeast are required to take a long route. Many flights like Delhi-New York have to go to non-stop for long periods of time. Or after a long flight has to take a stop, which means that more crew and fuel are also being spent.

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