Government will deploy intelligence officers in China to stop money laundering and fraud

Officials have informed.

18th March, 2019

New Delhi: Officials have informed that India will deploy intelligence officers in China to curb black money, to curb trade-based money laundering and other financial fraud. Officials are being searched for this, who will be appointed to the Indian Embassy in Beijing and Indian Consulate General in Guanzhou. Two posts of Foreign Intelligence Network (COIN) of Customs Department have been created.

Officials said that the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) has taken this step to stop trade-related money laundering and other financial fraud from China. DRI is the main agency to prevent customs fraud and smuggling. The agency says that COIN officials usually have the responsibility to provide intelligence or information received from their deployed place so that Indian intelligence agencies help business related frauds. Authorities say that the COIN officials have intelligence with Indian agencies By sharing information, playing a key role in the prevention of black money and tax evasion, preventing business-based money from financial fraud. Areas are.

Increased amounts are imported and exported between India and China, thus expanding the intelligence network in China is necessary. Earlier, the Customs officials have given information about smuggling on behalf of China, to which the COIN officials are currently posted in many countries including Nepal, Singapore, Brussels, the US and Britain to monitor and prevent them.

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