Abbott introduced new digital service in India

Abbott's Global A: Care Program

19th March, 2019

New Delhi: The global healthcare company Abbott has announced the launch of its new digital healthcare service in India under its Global A: Care Program. A: Care platform provides information related to their services and information to doctors and consumers so that people can get better health. India is the first country where Abbott has launched a digital platform. This can be accessed online at or via the downloaded web app from the Android Play Store.

This will increase communication between patients and doctors in the field of therapy. This platform is also helpful for people with a wide range of health care needs. Consumers can get health-related educational information through them or participate in a point-based motivational program. This program is very helpful for them to continue treating the treatment given by their doctor. In India, Javed Jiya, head of Abbott Pharmaceutical Business, said that it is a period of transformation in health care services. Chronic diseases have increased in the country and the population is also increasing rapidly. In this sense, the need for technology-based services that help people deal with these health challenges is now the highest.

Generally, the number of doctors per 1,000 people in many emerging markets is much lower than the average of the Economic Co-operation and Development Organization (OECD) of 2.8. Due to the emerging digital techniques that use data and artificial intelligence to monitor patients, now targeted education and accurate information can help people work together in every stage of the health care plan. Dr. Manoj Chadha, former endocrinology consultant and former president of Endocrine Society of India, at Mumbai-based Hinduja Hospital, said that the role of digital technology is becoming increasingly important in the growing awareness of diseases among patients.

On this occasion, Dr. Ram Chadha, former President of Spine Surgeon Advisor and Association of Spine Surgeons of India, at Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai said that such a platform helps us to stay with the patients even after leaving our clinic. We can help them take treatment and understand their condition properly. It is helpful in the long-term management of chronic diseases requiring continuous monitoring. Apart from this, looking at our busy schedule, A: Care is a good reference for medical and scientific articles, which is very important in our work.

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