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Chapra student returned from China suspected of corona virus, admitted to PMCH,

A student of Chapra studying in China was admitted to PMCH on Monday.

28th January, 2020

The first case of corona virus has been reported in the state. A student of Chapra studying in China was admitted to PMCH on Monday. He is suspected to be suffering from Corona virus. She returned from China on 22 January. After returning home, his health deteriorated. He was admitted to Chhapra Sadar Hospital by family members.

On seeing symptoms of corona virus here, the doctors referred him to PMCH. The student was brought to PMCH at 11 am on Monday. A special isolation ward has been made for such patients in the emergency here. In this ward, he is being treated separately from other patients. The team of doctors under the leadership of Dr. RD Singh of the Department of Medicine is constantly monitoring his health. Samples of his blood and swabs have been sent to NIV (National Institute of Virology) lab in Pune for examination. It is expected that after two days the investigation report will come. Only then will it be confirmed whether he is suffering from Corona virus or not.

Here, the student of PMCH told that she is studying PhD in Neuro Science in China. He claims that nothing has happened to me. The officials let me out at the Kolkata airport. My body temperature is currently 98 degrees Fahrenheit and I do not even have phlegm. Family members said that the student had come to Kolkata from flight. From Kolkata, she came to her house by a Chhapra train. He had fever here.

Student is absolutely fine: Superintendent

Superintendent of PMCH Dr. Vimal Karkar said that some symptoms similar to coronavirus have been found in the returned student from China. But on the basis of my long experience and interaction with the doctors who are treating me, I can say that the student does not have coronavirus infection. However, as a precaution, we are taking great care and keep an eye on the patient's health every second. At the moment the student is absolutely fine and there is nothing to worry about.

He told that the corona virus is treated on the basis of symptoms. However, we are waiting for the WHO guideline. After the guidelines come, if a patient comes to this disease, then according to him, his treatment will be done. The superintendent said that the girl will be discharged from the PMCH only after getting instructions from the health department. The Isolation Ward has been built on the first floor of the Emergency. If more such patients come, we will treat them.

80 people have died in China

So far 80 people have died in China due to corona virus. Among them, the maximum number of 76 people have died in Hubei province. At the same time, a student of Rajasthan studying MBBS in Wuhan, China, has been admitted to Jaipur after the possibility of being infected with the corona virus.

What is corona virus and its symptoms

Corona is a virus. According to the World Health Organization, it is linked to seafood. Its patients have from common cold to severe respiratory problems. Early symptoms like cold, cough, sore throat, difficulty in breathing, fever are seen in the patients. Later these symptoms turn into pneumonia and damage the kidneys. There is a serious lung infection. There is no specific cure for this virus. Treatment is done on the basis of symptoms.

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