A case related to the Raphael deal has been revealed.

Rafael Deal: French newspaper claims Anil Ambani's debt of 14 million euros is waived, RCOM refuses

13th April, 2019

A case related to the Raphael deal has been revealed. According to a report released by the French newspaper, after the Rafael Deal, French officials canceled the tax recovery of Anil Ambani's 143.7 million euros in favor of the French telecom company. However, Reliance Communications has rejected this claim. The company said that the case related to tax has been settled only on the basis of the law of France. It has been stated in the paper, "During February and October 2015 when France was negotiating with Rafael deal with India, Anil Ambani had a tax rebate of 143.7 million euros." Anil Ambani's Reliance Defense in April 2015 PM is an offset partner in India's Rafael Jet deal with France, announced by Modi.

Ministry said- Both cases are different-
Replying to the reply, the Defense Ministry said that we have seen the reports in which the private company has no relation between the tax exemption and the process of Rafael Deal. For the session which got tax exemption and when the process of Rafael Deal started, then both are separate cases, there is no similarity of any kind. In such a case, the connection between the two cases is completely wrong. The Ministry said it was a bad report presented in a trick. According to the information received, France's income tax authorities demanded 151 million euros from Reliance Flag Atlantic France, while tax of 7.3 million euros was taken. Let the Reliance flag operate Telecom Infrastructure and Cable Network in France.

Congress has surrounded the government with this deal-
Prime Minister Narendra Modi's conversation with French President in Paris on April 10, 2015 from Holland. After this it was announced to purchase 36 Rafael aircraft. This deal happened on September 23, 2016, and in the meantime, Reliance had to pay the amount of 151 million euros as tax.

Significantly, Congress has been consistently accusing the government of irregularities in this deal. The Congress had alleged that the government was broking Rs 1,670 crore on every aircraft while the UPA government had fixed Rs 526 crore for it. Anil Ambani's company Reliance Defense is also blaming the Congress government for declaring an offset partner for Desalt Aviation. However, the government has denied this charge.

Reliance flag Atlantique France has been investigated by-
According to the same French newspaper, the Reliance Flag Atlantique was investigated by France's investigating officers. Between 2007 and 2010, the company was found to pay a tax of 60 million euros on the company. However, Reliance offered to repay 7.6 million euros for it, which was rejected by the French authorities. After this the authorities examined once more. This time between 2010 and 2012, investigations were done. The company was asked to pay a tax of 91 million euros.

In 2015, the tax amount of 151 million euros was found to be outstanding-
In April 2015, the company located in Reliance, France, was found to have received a tax amount of 151 million euros. Six months later, in October, Prime Minister Modi announced the Rafael Deal in Paris, and the French authorities accepted the offer to repay the tax of Reliance's 7.3 million euros, while the original demand was 151 million euros.

The company said that there is no bias-
Reliance Communications spokesperson said that the demand for tax was completely false and illegal. The company has not done any partiality to resolve this matter. The official said, "French officials considered the time between 2008 to 2012 as appropriate for investigation. It's about 10 years ago. In the implementation of Flag France, loss of 20 million rupees (2.7 million euros). France officials demanded tax of 1100 crores at the same time. According to the law of France's tax agreement, the final draft of the payment of Rs 56 crores was agreed with mutual consent. '

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