Around 200 Crore Ayushmann film in China

The film has so far done a turnover of Rs 181 crore 27 lakhs.

14th April, 2019

Bollywood's Handsome Hank Ayushmann Khurana's film Amardhun Sugar will soon cross the 200 million figure mark in the box office. The film has so far done a turnover of Rs 181 crore 27 lakhs. The movie is moving fast enough. The figure that the film had done in India was broken easily by the indigenous people in China. Still, the film's earnings are not taking a name to stop.

The film was made in a budget of 32 crores-
Played by Ayushman Khurana, the film was made in a budget of just Rs 32 crores. The film has done good business in both India and China. Talk about the story of the film, then in Ayodhudhan, Ayushmann Khurana played the role of Akash, who is a pianist and pretends to be blind, the life of Akash changes when he accidentally sees a murder. The selection of films of Ayushman Khurana is quite unique. Nearly all the films selected by them have done well. His film 'Gadhai Ho' also released with the help of 'Amadhadhun' also did a good business.

Soon Dream Girl-
Ayushmann will soon be seen in the movie Dream Girl. In this film, he will be seen playing the role of a boy playing the role of Sita in Ramlila. Bollywood actor Ayushman Khurana will soon be seen working with the land peddler again. Before that, he has worked with the land tenant twice.

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