Kissing scenes being removed from TV shows and movies to avoid the corona virus

In China, the death toll from the deadly coronavirus has risen to 811 and more than 37,000 cases of infection have been confirmed.

10th February, 2020

Due to the deadly coronavirus spreading in China, it has been decided to remove kissing scenes from Taiwanese serials and films. This decision has been taken to prevent coronavirus infection. Let us know that the death toll from the deadly coronavirus in China has gone beyond 900 and more than 37,000 cases of its infection have been confirmed. According

to the report of United Daily, in view of the risk of coronavirus, a decision has been taken to ban the shooting of kissing scenes from TV serials shown in Taiwan. Along with this, the actors working in TV and films have also been advised to refrain from coming closer.

As seen earlier, kissing scenes between actress Mia Chiu and actor Jun Fu have been filmed many times in the serial Goldal City, which is broadcast on Formosa TV. However, given the danger of coronavirus, both actors have been asked not to film such scenes. Actress Chiu said that she will do whatever she can to prevent corona infection and she is happy with the care being taken in this way.

89 people lost their lives in one day due to coronavirus,
National Health Commission said that 89 more people lost their lives on Saturday and 2,656 new cases were reported. According to the commission, a total of 811 people have died due to coronavirus in 31 provincial-level areas so far and 37,198 cases have been confirmed. The Commission said that of the 89 people who died on Saturday, 81 were from Hubei province, where the virus has killed the most people. Also, two people died in Henan. It killed one person each in Hebei, Heilongjiang, Anhui, Shandong, Hunan, and Guangxi Zhuang.

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Maharanee Kumari